An Introduction of Daniel

I cannot believe that it’s already September 13th! There are only 15 more Thursday’s left until Christmas!! Being the youngest elf here at the Ornament Factory I keep looking at the calendar because I cannot wait for Christmas! I’m Daniel the elf. My older brother, Jackson, has posted on here a few times. He thought I might want to share a little about myself.


Like I said, I am the youngest elf that works here at the Ornament Factory. It’s a lot of fun working with my brother and my cousins. We make a great team! Our grandma says we’re her little basketball team. When I am not working or outside playing, I love to watch Mickey and the Roadster Racers. I shared the new 2018 ornament of it on a previous post.

While at work, my favorite department to work in is shipping. I’m really good at putting labels on the boxes and getting them organized to ship out. Being pretty short, getting things off of high shelves in the sorting and packing departments can be challenging for me. I leave those departments up to the older elves that are taller.

We still have the contest going on over on our Facebook page. You could WIN a $50 gift certificate to the Ornament Factory. Do you have an ornament that you want? Maybe you saw something that a family member or a friend would like. Try and win the gift certificate!

That’s all for now from me! I have to get a shower and get to work!


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