Nathan tells what him and some of the other elves like to do together…


Since all of the cousins and my brother, Ben, have interacted with all of you, I thought it was time I joined in. I am Nathan and I love Christmas! It is always such an exciting time! Have you seen the 2018 ornaments that are out?? This was a great year! They even have more that are being released in October, you can see those on our website.

At the Ornament Factory my favorite part of the job is stocking the shelves when we get ornaments in. We have a great system in place on where all of the ornaments are to make pulling orders easier.  Not to toot my own horn, but I helped create our system.

When I am not at the Ornament Factory I enjoy playing video games with my brother, Ben, on our iPads and XBox. We also love have Nerf gun fights. The other elves come over and the Nerf gun wars get pretty interesting. It usually ends up in Eliot telling us to be careful and not hurt anyone or ourselves.

I have been starting to think about what theme I would like to do for my main Christmas tree this year. Yes, I have more than one tree. It is so hard to decide on just one! Can you all comment on here with some suggestions?

Back to work for me! Thanks for reading!


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