Social Media…..what do you use and why?

Eliot, the head elf, here looking for your opinion. The elves and I have been talking a lot of different social media that is out there. The Ornament Factory is on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and here on Word Press. What are other social media platforms that you all use?

All of us elves really like keeping all of our customers up to date on what is going on at the Ornament Factory and in our lives. We would love to hear from all of you! I love Facebook because so many of my family and friends use it. Seeing all of the pictures and updates makes it much easier to keep up with what every one is doing. Some of our elves are all about Twitter and say that it is much easier to use. I’ll have to have one of them teach me about it sometime.

Have you seen our current contest?? Check us out on Facebook to see it and participate! The prize for the winner is a good one!

We have a big party being planned for Jackson the elf! his birthday is quickly approaching! Jackson loves the movie Cars!  I think that will be the theme of his party. I’ll have to get the tree decorated, thankfully there are many Cars ornaments here at the Ornament Factory! This is his favorite from last year.1795QXD6295.jpg

I’m going to surprise him with this Cars ornament from the 2018 collection.




I have a busy day ahead of me at work and planning for the big party. Be sure to check out the Facebook page and try and win our contest! Hope you all of have great Wednesday!

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