Childhood Memories

One of my favorite childhood memories about the Christmas tree is when the lights are off in the room and the tree lights are on and you just sit there and look how beautiful the Christmas tree is. I have one memory that sticks in my mind where I was walking downstairs and you could see the red hue of the Christmas tree lights from around the corner. I remember being so excited and just happy at that moment. As I walked around the corner and saw this tall glowing tree I was excited seeing all of the Hallmark Ornaments that decorated the tree branches.

Decorating the Christmas tree was always a fun family activity every year. All of us had our own Hallmark Ornaments that have special meaning to us. As we grew up we would have special spots on the tree where a certain ornament would go. It got to the point where you knew you could not put an ornament in places because it would be moved by someone else for a special ornament.

Hallmark Ornaments come in many of your favorite childhood memories. There are many ornaments from all parts of your childhood. Some of the popular Fisher Price Toys are now Hallmark Ornaments! From the School Bus 

2009_school_bus_fisher_pric.jpg      799QXM8136_thumbnail.jpg

to the See and Say they have so many there! Do you have a special Fisher Price toy from your childhood? Is it a Hallmark Ornament yet?


There at some of your favorite board games you can decorate your tree with. The other elves and I enjoy playing board games together. One of our favorites is Monopoly! I love being the banker. You have to watch out for a couple of the elves, they like to hide money and think they are funny. Don’t worry us elves always include Rudolph when we play games.


That’s all for now. We are so busy here at The Ornament Factory with all of the orders from the Fall Into Savings Sale and the October 6th release of the 2018 Hallmark Ornaments, that I better get off of the computer and get to work!

One last thing before I go. Do not forget that you still have time to order you Halloween ornaments for your Halloween tree.

Have a great day everyone!
Elliott the head elf





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