An Elf’s Work is Never Done

Greetings from The Ornament Factory! We have been really busy these days with the sale we just had and the pre-orders for the 2018 Hallmark Ornaments that are being released Friday!!! Have you looked at them?? There are many really cool ones that you are going to want to add to your collections! You can still place your orders! One of our feature ornaments from the 2018 Hallmark Ornaments collection is the 2018 LT AREX AND LT M’RESS, STAR TREK, SDCC.


I know many people (and other elves) that have a Christmas tree that is all Star Trek ornaments. They are really cool! You can put really pretty white lights or maybe blue lights on the tree with all your Star Trek ornaments from Hallmark. I even know one person who surprised a big Star Trek fan with their own Star Trek tree! They were so excited about it. What a thoughtful thing to do for another person!

Of course, there are many other collections from Hallmark Ornaments that you are sure to find something to make any of  your friends and family smile.

I will try and post another blog later or tomorrow but I need to get back to work now. There is so much to be done here at The Ornament Factory!

Big Daniel, the elf




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