Taco Tuesday on a Wednesday….

Hey everyone! I have so much to update you on! Ben the elf here! We all are so excited for October 6 when the new 2018 Hallmark Ornaments are released! Have you had a chance to look at them? If not you can here.  All of the Halloween trees are up and looking great! Do you have a Halloween tree? I’d love to see them! You can post a picture here or on any of our other social media pages! Check out all of the Halloween Hallmark Ornaments here.

In other news, my brother, Nathan the elf, lost another tooth!! This is the second one in like a week! He’s not missing both if his front teeth. He kind of whistles when he talks now. He was so excited about those teeth coming out. He had a little help from one of the other elves mom to get it out. It was quick and painless!

As Halloween is getting here all of us elves are trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween. Do you have any suggestions? I think Jackson and Daniel might dress up as Cars characters. They love the Cars movies. Did you know there are is a Cars Hallmark Ornament in the 2018 Hallmark Ornaments?


Or if you just like Lightning McQueen, here is another Hallmark Ornament you might like.


Thank you for all of the birthday wishes last week! I had a wonderful birthday! It is always nice being able to celebrate with my family. All of the other elves made me feel so special! What is your favorite thing to do for your birthday? My dad’s birthday is coming up soon. He gets to go to a special football game he loves going to. That gives me a great idea!! We can put together a football tree for him! We have so many football ornaments to choose from at The Ornament Factory.

I know that today is Wednesday and you should have tacos for dinner on Tuesdays for Taco Tuesday but we’re having tacos tonight for dinner and I’m so excited! I love tacos!

Back to work for me! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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