North Pole Tree Trimmers

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments has an adorable line of elves called the North Pole Tree Trimmers. These elves are showing what they are doing to get ready for Christmas. You can see them all from The Ornament Factory at

North Pole Tree Trimmers #1….

Santa has a mighty job to accomplish each year, so it’s no wonder he has an elite group of elves to make the holidays come together without a hitch. This first ornament of the new series features one of Santa’s elves who is eager and ready to help trim your tree.


North pole Tree Trimmers #3….

As one of Santa’s helpers it is always important to have all of the ornaments in the best shape possible! This is the 3rd ornament in the series that was released in 2015.



North Pole Tree Trimmer #5….

With a backpack of glitter ready to g, Tree Trimmer #5 is ready to make any tree sparkle! This is the 5th ornament in the series that was released in 2017.


All of us elves have so much work to do it is crazy but still so much fun! We are thankful we have each other to work with. We hope you all have been enjoying all of the ornaments you have ordered! We would love to see pictures of your trees. You can post them on our Facebook page. Just look for The Ornament Factory!

Sorry for the short blog post but I must get back to work! Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Jack the Elf

Busy Baking

This weekend went by so fast! All of the elves were busy baking Christmas cookies. I love that we can all get together and spend time together. Baking is a wonderful Christmas tradition. Here are some of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that would be great for the baker in your life.

Making Sweet Rememberies….

Cookies are baking and friendly conversation is the theme of this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. Pooh is baking the cookies as Piglet adds the frosting. To get the sense of smelling baking cookies, you can add the scented insert as directed on the box and you can hear the conversations with Pooh and Piglet. This ornament requires three AAA batteries.


Baking Treat Together….

This 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. Press the button on ornament to hear a fun, baking-themed version of “Deck the Halls.” Battery operated. No tradition gives your kitchen a workout while bringing families together like holiday baking. Sugar cookies, gingerbread and fudge to name a few.


Easy-Bake Oven….

This 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive.You CAN have your cake and eat it too. Easy-Bake Oven helped countless kids develop a love of baking with its just-add-water cake mixes. Now, one of the most popular toys ever can be on your tree.


Holiday Confections….

The Merry Bakers make the season extra merry with their special recipe for Christmas cheer! The Bakers love to mix their special talents with a pinch of love and a dash of generosity, watching joy rise in the hearts of all who receive their kindness. Each has a specialty that helps make your baking – and your holiday – come out exactly right. These festive confections are the perfect ingredients for a complete Merry Bakers collection. Or sprinkle them around your tree or kitchen to spice up your holiday decorating!


We had such a fun time baking this weekend! We still have some baking to do that we will get done this weekend. If we make all of the cookies to far ahead of Christmas they will be eaten before the big day. All of the elves have a sweet tooth. Please feel free and share your favorite cookie recipe! We are always looking for new cookies to try out.

That is all for now. Back to work I go! We got so much work done Friday. We kept or mailman busy with all of the orders we got sent out.  Have a happy Monday!


Jack the Elf



Looking Through a Christmas Window

The Christmas Window Hallmark Ornament Series is a Keepsake Ornament Club member exclusive series. Each ornament in the series shows a child looking into a local shop window during the Christmas season. On the back side of the ornament, each shop has been crafted with amazing detail that is sure to bring back some of those amazing holiday memories. These ornaments can easily be displayed on a table top or on a Christmas tree. The series started in 2003, and is still a very popular series with Keepsake Ornament Club members today.

Christmas Window #9….

The 2011 Christmas Window shows a boy and his faithful dog, staring into the window of a Sporting Goods store, drooling over the new, shiny, red bike in the display window. Christmas cannot come soon enough for this anxious boy!


Christmas Window #10

The 2012 Christmas Window shows a boy and his faithful dog, staring into the window of a Jangles holiday gift store, drooling over the items in the display window. Christmas cannot come soon enough for this anxious boy!


Where it All Began, Christmas Window #1….

Someone waited up for Santa but fell asleep, instead. Even all the animals can’t wake up the sleepyhead! Still the Dreamer sleeps through chirping and the tap of tiny paws announcing that the sleigh is coming bringing Santa Claus!

In 2003, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments released the first of the Christmas Window series with a tiny child waiting up to see Santa arrive but fell asleep while waiting.


Christmas Window #3….

Cold noses pressed against the glass, warm hearts so full of love, two little friends with one big wish. Guess what they’re dreaming of? A Christmas morning rendezvous! Please, Santa, don’t forget to pair these pals and make this holiday their best one yet!

The little boy is staring through the store window at the at the puppy hoping and praying that Santa will reunite them on Christmas morning.


This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament series would make any tree look festive for Christmas.

We are busy little elves here at The Ornament Factory. We are doing our best to get all of the order packaged and shipped as soon as possible. There is still time to order your favorite Hallmark Ornaments to and receive them by Christmas.

Have a happy Thursday!

Little Daniel the Elf

Rocking Horse

Did you have a Rocking Horse growing up? Do you remember the joy and fun you had riding on it? Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments has a series, Rocking Horse, that is sure to bring back wonderful memories of your childhood. The Rocking Horse series started back in 1981 with Rocking Horse #1. This is a very rare Hallmark Ornament to find these days. The series continued for many years and ended in 2013 with the commemorative ornament, Forty Years of Memories, Rocking Horse.

Rocking Horse #14….

I’ll take you where you want to go. I’ll gallop, trot and prance. Through lands you’ve only dreamed about, If given half a chance. In fact, I know that you’ll decide you have never had a better ride! Rocking Horse #14 is a beautiful dark brown horse with a fluffy brown tail. It joined the Rocking Horse Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collection in 1994.


Pewter Rocking Horse….

This 1995 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament celebrates the fifteenth year of the popular Rocking Horse Hallmark Ornament series. The rocking horse is made of pewter and is dated “1995” on the rocker.


Rocking Horse #6….

I remember that year when I ran to the tree, And there was my rocking horse waiting for me! And since then we’ve gone to some wonderful places. Rocking away to the wide, open spaces!


Rocking Horse #10….

This stunning Rocking Horse is the feature Hallmark Ornament in this blog. In 1990 a brown and white dappled horse sitting on a red and green rocker joined the Rocking Horse series as Rocking Horse #10.



As Christmas is getting closer do you have you to do list all caught up? Is there any last gifts you need to buy? If there are any gifts left to buy, consider buying a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament! You can shop The Ornament Factory for all your gift giving needs.

Hope you all are staying warm!

Elliott the Head Elf



Madame Alexander

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post today. I am really excited to share this Hallmark Keepsake series with you.

The Madame Alexander Hallmark Ornament series was introduced to the Hallmark Keepsake ornament line back in 1996 with the first Madame Alexander ornament, Cinderella. The artist for the Madame Alexander Hallmark Keepsake ornament series is John “Collin” Francis. These ornaments are based on the actual Madame Alexander doll collection. Hallmark has also produced another series of ornaments that any Madame Alexander ornament collector may enjoy, called the Madame Alexander Little Women series, which ran from 2001-2004.

Holiday Snowflake Skater….

Holiday Snowflake Skater is the 8th in the Madame Alexander series from Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. This beauty is dressed to go ice skating with her red dress and matching ice skates and her white earmuffs on.


Little Red Riding Hood….

Second in the Madame Alexander Hallmark Keepsake Ornament series is Little Red Riding Hood.  Dressed in a green dress with her signature red cape and holding her basket of goodies, Little red Riding Hood is off to grandmothers house.


Mop Top Wendy….

For three generations, collectors have prized Madame Alexander dolls for their meticulous detailing, elaborate costumes, and expressive faces. The many endearing designs created by Beatrice Alexander Behrman, such as Mop Top Wendy, earned her the title, “First Lady of Dolls. Mop Top Wendy is the third in the series.


Mop Top Billy….

Mop Top Billy is here to compliment last years Madame Alexander Hallmark Ornament, Mop To Wendy.


This is a series that a young girl would love to have a tree of. I have always thought that everyone should have more than one tree. You can have your own personality on a tree.

Thank you again for taking the time to read about the Madame Alexander Hallmark Keepsake Ornament series. If you have a chance take a look at our website

Aiden the Elf

Mr. and Mrs. Clause

When you think of Christmas you usually think of the big man himself, Santa. We cannot forget that Santa has a side kick, his beautiful wife, Mrs. Claus. Together they make a dynamic team. The Mr. and Mrs. Claus series was started in 1986 with Mr. and Mrs. Claus #1 and ended in 1995 with Christmas Eve Kiss, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #10.


Home Cooking, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #2….

Santa takes a little pause, to talk to Mrs. Santa Claus, her cookies are a treat he wouldn’t miss! She’s the one who makes him jolly (Not the Christmas trees or holly).
That is why he’s asking for a kiss! The second in the Mr. and Mrs. Claus series we have Home Cooking. Mrs. Claus loves taking care of Santa and keeping him well fed.



Shall We Dance, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #3

The holiday season can be such a busy time of year that it is important to take some time out for your loved ones. Mr. and Mrs. Claus take a moment from their holiday chores to enjoy a dance together. The third Hallmark Ornament in the series is Shall We Dance.


A Fitting Moment, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #8….

Mrs. Claus is always taking good care of Mr. Claus. In the 8th ornament in this Hallmark Ornament series, Mrs. Claus is taking some measurements of Mr. Claus to  work on his Santa suit for Christmas.


Christmas Eve Kiss, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #10….

It is true love for Mr. and Mrs. Claus. In the 10th and last Hallmark Ornament in the series, Christmas Eve Kiss, has Mr. and Mrs. Claus stealing a special Christmas Eve Kiss before Santa heads out for the night to deliver gifts to the good boys and girls around the world.


Back to work I go now. We have a busy Monday head of us here at The Ornament Factory. Lots of orders to pack and ship, inventory and restocking the shelves too. Christmas will be here in 2 weeks!!!

Have a great day!

Nathan the Elf

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The boy, the chosen one, his name is Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling wrote the popular book series that was later turned into blockbuster movies. The author take you on a magical ride through Harry Potter growing up and facing “He who must not be names” while attending school at Hogwarts School. The Hallmark Ornaments series is high;y collectible and would make any Harry Potter enthusiast smile.

Hogwarts Castle….

Now even Muggles can experience the magic of Hogwarts Castle in this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. Press the button to hear music from “Hedwig’s Theme.” Hogwarts Castle was released by Hallmark in 1993.


The Sorting Hat….

The 2014 Harry Potter Hallmark Ornament, The Sorting Hat, shows when Harry wears the sorting hat and is placed into the House of Gryffindor. Hear the dialogue from a scene from Harry Potter when the button is pressed.



Final Battle….

It’s up to Harry to match wits and wands with the Dark Lord once and for all. Capture the final duel’s suspense in this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament that features light and sound to make the battle come to life year after year. The 2012 Final Battle show Harry and Voldemort in the intense final scene where you see if good will win over evil.


Quidditch Season….

The most popular sport in the Wizarding World is Quidditch. Harry Potter found out that he was very good at the sport and played on his house team as the Seeker. The Seeker flies around on their broom stick trying to capture the golden snitch. If the seeker on a team captures it they automatically with the match. You have to be one who can fly on their broom stick very well to be the seeker on a team. This 2002 Hallmark Keepsake ornament features wind up movement. Wind up the ornament to watch as two quidditch players chase the Golden Snitch.


I could go on and on about Harry Potter all day long if i was allowed to. These Hallmark Ornaments sure look great on a Christmas tree!

We are super busy at The Ornament Factory with Christmas not too far away. Do you have your Christmas tree up and decorated? How long does it take for your to put up and decorate your tree? Back to work I go! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Big Daniel the Elf

Lionel Trains

After watching some Christmas movies with the other elves I have noticed that the Christmas trees in the movies have trains around them. It made me think of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament series of Lionel Trains. This series started in 1996. Other train cars were added to the series over the years. The Tender was added to the series in 1999 and a third car was added in 2002. The trains that were added to the series change every year according the train for that year. This series continues to be popular with collectors.

From 2017….

In 2017, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments came out with the 671 S-2 Turbine Steam Locomotive.  This is the 22nd ornament in the series. This sleek black locomotive has wheels that move and will compliment your other Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments on your tree.


The Newest Addition to the Series, from 2018….

The newest addition and the 23rd train in the series is the Lionel 2245P Texas Special Locomotive. This ornaments has wheels that move. The read and silver locomotive will be a stand out on your tree with the other Lionel Train Hallmark Ornaments.


Where it All Started in 1996 ….

The first in the Lionel Series came in 1996 called 700E Hudson Steam Locomotive. This Keepsake Ornament series features popular LIONEL locomotives and leads off with the highly collectible 700E Hudson. The first die-cast engine of its kind, it was manufactured in O-gauge in 1937. A favorite of company founder Joshua Lionel Cowen, it was offered again in 1990. The number 5344 was given to the real-life Hudson by its builder, the New York Central Railroad.


As a child I have wonderful memories of playing with trains. Seeing these Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments makes me feel like a kid again. I have one entire tree full of just train Hallmark Ornaments.

It is time to get back to The Ornament Factory and get some more work done. You can see the Lionel Train Hallmark Ornament series and all the others at . Have a wonderful Thursday!

Aiden the Elf

Celebration Barbie Set

Celebration Barbie has been an extremely popular series from Hallmark Ornaments. The story of Barbie with Hallmark Ornaments started back in 1993 with Holiday Barbie #1. The Celebration Barbie series did not start until 2000 with Celebration Barbie #1. When Barbie came back to Hallmark in 2015 they celebrated with this special Barbie set.


Celebration Barbie #1….

This is where is all began, the first Hallmark Keepsake Ornament to display Barbie. The first in the Holiday Barbie series came out in 1993. Holiday Barbie #1 showcases beautiful Barbie in a stunning red gown. She is ready for a big night out!



2013 and 2014 Celebration Barbie Ornament Set….

In 2015, when the Barbie series came back to Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, they released the 2013 and 2014 Celebration Barbie Ornament Set. This set showed off the two Celebration Barbies that were missed while Hallmark worked on getting the licensing agreement back with Mattel. The two Barbies look radiant in their gowns.


2000 Celebration Barbie #1….

The Celebration Barbie series started in 2000 with the release of Celebration Barbie #1. Barbie is radiant in an evening ensemble that celebrates the holiday season and the new century. Her gown shimmers like precious gold, layered over bouffant tulle netting. She wears a contrasting stole of white faux fur. Her long, beautiful hair is topped with a delicate crown and pulled softly away from her face. She carries a white, ornamental ball with golden numerals in tribute to the year 2000.



There are so many Barbie Hallmark Ornaments that it’s hard to pick which ones to feature on here. Please check out our website to see them and the other Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.

Back to work I go! You should see how many boxes we have gone through the past two weeks! Its crazy! I’m not even going to go into how much box tape we have too! It is important to us to have your packages safe and secure.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone! With it being Tuesday, you  know what that means!! Taco Tuesday for all of us elves. I cannot wait!

Brandon the Elf


With all of the Christmas events in full swing, we have been seeing a lot more of the big man himself, Santa. Here are two of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament series that showcase Santa.

Here Comes Santa….

Here comes Santa is series that shows Santa on many different modes of transportation. The Here Comes Santa #1 was released in 1979 and has Santa in the motor car with a bag full of gifts.


The 1993 Shopping With Santa, has Santa in his beautiful read car ready to head out to the stores.


Santa is all ready for the snow this holiday season with the 2001 Santa’s Snowplow, that is #23 in the Here Comes Santa Series. Santa will brighten everyone’s spirits by plowing the road clear with is festive tractor and plow.



More Santa! Toymaker Santa is another Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Series featuring Santa….

In 2000, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments came out with the Toymaker Santa Series. To start it off they released Toymaker Santa #1 showing Santa on a train holding a bell.



The 2003 Toymaker Santa #4 features Santa on a horse with spring action movement.


I personally have an entire tree covered in Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments of Santa from many different series. It is one of my favorite trees in my house. I receive lots of complements on it over the holiday season.

Do you have a favorite tree in your house for Christmas? What are the ornaments?


Elliott the Head Elf