A Pony for Christmas

A Pony for Christmas started back in 1998 and continues to be a popular Hallmark Ornament series to this day. Each ornament shows a pony and a stuffed toy friend with it. This is a great series to collect for any child or adult who love horses. There are enough of the Pony for Christmas Hallmark Ornaments that you could have just one entire tree with them.

A Pony for Christmas #18….

Take a bow! Teddy and his circus pony are proud to be the 18th ornament in the A Pony for Christmas series. Pony for Christmas #18 was released in 2015. The white pony with the tan teddy bear sitting on it is bowing down.


2015 A Pony for Christmas- Event Repaint

This Colorway (or repaint) Hallmark Keepsake Ornament was exclusively available at the 2015 Destination Keepsakes Hallmark National event to attendees of the Hallmark Local Club Dinner. Since this was an exclusive Hallmark Ornament for the event is was limited production in small quantities which makes this a very difficult ornament to find. The ornament is a repaint of the 2015 A Pony for Christmas #18 ornament.


A Pony for Christmas #20….

The 20th Hallmark Ornament in this series was released in 2017. The white pony with its teddy bear jockey are jumping over a red brick jumping wall.


A Pony for Christmas #8….

This pony likes galloping out on the range with his favorite teddy bear pal. But when visions of sugar cubes dance in his head, he trots home to the Christmas Corral! Eighth in the series, this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament was released in 2005.



We are ll getting so excited for the big day to be here! We all act like little kids anticipating Christmas. I have some wrapping to still get done and I would like to try and make some more cookies and candy. I do not know if I will have time to do the cookies and candy with all the work we have to do at The Ornament Factory.

That is all for now!

Brandon the Elf