Mr. and Mrs. Clause

When you think of Christmas you usually think of the big man himself, Santa. We cannot forget that Santa has a side kick, his beautiful wife, Mrs. Claus. Together they make a dynamic team. The Mr. and Mrs. Claus series was started in 1986 with Mr. and Mrs. Claus #1 and ended in 1995 with Christmas Eve Kiss, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #10.


Home Cooking, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #2….

Santa takes a little pause, to talk to Mrs. Santa Claus, her cookies are a treat he wouldn’t miss! She’s the one who makes him jolly (Not the Christmas trees or holly).
That is why he’s asking for a kiss! The second in the Mr. and Mrs. Claus series we have Home Cooking. Mrs. Claus loves taking care of Santa and keeping him well fed.



Shall We Dance, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #3

The holiday season can be such a busy time of year that it is important to take some time out for your loved ones. Mr. and Mrs. Claus take a moment from their holiday chores to enjoy a dance together. The third Hallmark Ornament in the series is Shall We Dance.


A Fitting Moment, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #8….

Mrs. Claus is always taking good care of Mr. Claus. In the 8th ornament in this Hallmark Ornament series, Mrs. Claus is taking some measurements of Mr. Claus to  work on his Santa suit for Christmas.


Christmas Eve Kiss, Mr. and Mrs. Claus #10….

It is true love for Mr. and Mrs. Claus. In the 10th and last Hallmark Ornament in the series, Christmas Eve Kiss, has Mr. and Mrs. Claus stealing a special Christmas Eve Kiss before Santa heads out for the night to deliver gifts to the good boys and girls around the world.


Back to work I go now. We have a busy Monday head of us here at The Ornament Factory. Lots of orders to pack and ship, inventory and restocking the shelves too. Christmas will be here in 2 weeks!!!

Have a great day!

Nathan the Elf

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