Madame Alexander Dolls

One of the longer running Hallmark Keepsake Ornament series is the Madame Alexander series that started in 1996. These ornaments look like the Madame Alexander dolls. An entire tree of these beautiful ornaments would make any doll lover or collector happy.

Where it all started….

As a little girl living above her father’s doll “hospital,” Madame Alexander (Beatrix Alexander Behrman) became fascinated with fashion dolls at an early age. She began designing handmade cloth dolls in the 1920’s. By the 1930’s she was creating composition dolls with painted features and sleep eyes. Cinderella- 1995 is the latest of the many lovely dolls in Madame Alexander collections since 1937. Here is the first in the series, 1996 Cinderella-1995, Madame Alexander #1.



The newest to the series….

From the 2018 Hallmark Ornament Collection comes Holidazzle, Madame Alexander #23. Dressed in holiday style, this sweet Christmas tree ornament depicts the 2017 Holidazzle doll wearing a sparkling red dress with gold and green trim. A headband with a poinsettia flower and tulle is the perfect finishing touch atop her long brunette tresses. 23rd in the Madame Alexander series, it’s a lovely collectible to display on your tree.


They even come in miniatures….

The 2006 Yankee Doodle and Celebrating, Madame Alexander is a set of 2 miniature Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. These would look beautiful on a 4th of July tree or your Christmas tree.


Be sure to look at our website for this series and many other series. There is a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament for everyone! Check out The Ornament Factory here

Back to work. Little Daniel the Elf and I are looking forward to getting our hair cut tonight. We have some pictures coming up that we would like to look good for. We also have to get together what we are going to be making for Thanksgiving since it will be at our house this year. Comment with some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods and recipes please. We would love to see what you all like to make and eat.

Have a great day!

Jackson the Elf


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