It’s October!!

Happy October 1st! There is still time to order your Halloween ornaments and have them for Halloween!


Over the weekend the other elves and I were super busy packing order to be shipped!  When I wasn’t at the Ornament Factory I was busy at home cleaning and decorating! One of my favorite things about holidays is decorating! There are still somethings I need to bring up from the basement and put out but we made a good start. Of course I have up my Halloween tree. This is always one of the first things out. Do you like decorating for the holidays? Here is a really fun ornament you could put on your tree. It’s call Stack O’Lanterns.



That ornament and much more are waiting for you to order on our website.

In other exciting news, with the beginning of October here, that ,means October 6th will be here very soon and with that comes the rest of the 2018 Hallmark Ornaments!!! I’m so excited I just cannot handle it! I will be able to get the rest of the ornaments I want for my Christmas trees. Yes, you read that right, trees! More then one tree in my house. There are so many ornaments I need multiple trees. Speaking of that, I have been thinking about buys a new tree or two. How many trees do you have in your home?

Time to get to work at The Ornament Factory! Have a great Monday!

Aiden the elf


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