The One with the Bee Sting

Last night after work I was trying to decide what to make for dinner for the other elves and myself. It was my night to cook. Even though I am the head elf, I still take my turn and help out with everything, even cleaning. I had some chicken thawed out for dinner and I was having a hard time deciding what to make. We have kind of been making the same dinners over and over again and I wanted to change it up. I made some brown rice and did the chicken with some delicious spices. The elves and I loved it! We will be having that again! After dinner the elves and I went outside to play to enjoy this nice weather and before it got dark. That is one of the bummers for this time of year, it gets darker outside earlier.

This beautiful weather is great for all of us elves to get outside and play when we are done working at the Ornament Factory. We really enjoy playing games like tag! our favorite sport to play this time of year is football. I like to pretend I’m an NFL quarterback.

While we were playing outside a bee decided to join us and would not leave. We tried our best to ignore him and not bug him hoping her would just move on, no such luck! The bee stung Jackson! We were so surprised! Thankfully he is not allergic and we were able to just give him some ice and he was alright. After he was stung we decided we would just go inside and play some video games.

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I am happy to report that Jackson is doing well with the bee sting and it did not take him away from is work at the Ornament Factory. He would have been so upset if it did!

Today we have lots to do here at the Ornament Factory as we are preparing for the rest of the 2018 ornaments to be released in October. We are also working on pulling and packaging all of the orders. Time sure does fly here at work with everything we have to accomplish.

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