Decorating for Halloween

Elliot The Head Elf here! Happy Wednesday! Are you getting your Halloween decorations out? We are! Check out these Halloween ornaments! The elves have been excited to get these ornaments out and up. We love all holidays and feel you can put a tree up for any occasion.

IMG_3127.jpg   IMG_3128.jpg

Charlie Brown is one of my favorite characters! Lucy dressed up as the devil always makes me laugh! The other elves and I have started talking about what we want to dress up as for Halloween this year. There are so many options! When Jackson the elf was just a little elf he was bald as can be. Everyone said he should dress up as Charlie Brown for Halloween!


As we started decorating at the Ornament Factory we had to decide on how many trees to put up. The Peanuts characters are always ones that make people happy. You can never have too many trees up for the holidays. The best part is that there are tress of every size! I look forward to hearing about how all of you decorate for Halloween! You can find all of these Halloween ornaments and more here.



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