A Day in the Life of Jackson the Elf

Hi everyone! I’m Jackson the elf.


We have been busy here at the Ornament Factory filling all of the orders from the Labor Day Sale we just had. All of the elves are eagerly awaiting the the October release of the ornaments. There are so many I need to have for my trees.

A typical day for me starts out with waking up fairly early so I can get some exercise before heading over to the Ornament Factory. I usually like to take my  dog, Charlie, my loving Golden Retriever, for a walk and do some light weights.We elves have to stay in shape to get all of our work done. Next, Charlie and I have our breakfast. I’m a big fan of waffles and yogurt. Charlie has his dog food. For all you Golden Retriever fan, we have the Puppy Love #3 ornament in stock!


Then, its off to work I go! Charlie stays back at home to nap and enjoy his day. At work, it is important that we get all packages ready and labeled to mail out before the mailman gets there. We elves have a great system down to do this in the most efficient way possible. Eliot, the head elf, has been doing this for a long time and has work out the kinks.

Lunchtime is so much fun because all of us elves get to eat together and talk about all of the beautiful ornaments we have seen that day. Today, we have had many orders for Wizard of Oz ornaments. Maybe that will be the next tree I do. I can see it now, a tree with beautiful lights and Wizard of Oz ornaments all over it! After lunch its back to work with all my friends! It’s nice to be able to enjoy what we do.

After work today all of the elves have decided to go swimming. With the unseasonably warm temperatures it will be a welcomed activity. I have made plans for dinner tonight with my good friend Brandon the elf. It’s his turn to pick where we are going to eat tonight. I’m hoping for Mexican food.

That’s all for now friends! Stay tuned for other updates from all of the other elves and myself. Have a great day!

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