It my be hot outside here, but we are still hard at work at the Ornament Factory!

Greetings from The Ornament Factory!!

Eliot the head elf reporting here! The elves have had a very busy summer getting ornament orders out!  Don’t you worry! All the elf’s have had sometime to rest and relax at the pool, playing mini golf, catching some baseball games, and getting ready for the busy season here at The Ornament Factory! Yes, elves enjoy mini golf. I came so close to beating Brandon the elf the other day. I’ll have to ask him for a rematch. Be sure to check out the pre-sale on the new 2018 Hallmark ornaments coming out in October! What is your favorite ornament coming out in October? Have you had a chance to see all of the 2018 Limited Edition Hallmark Ornaments that are coming out during the October Hallmark ornament Debut event? If you haven’t, you should! This year’s Hallmark ornaments are some of the best Hallmark has ever made.


As all of us elves are working, we always like to see the ornaments the other elves are working on. My favorite, hands down, has to be the all of the Star Wars ornaments. Don’t forget that we have ornaments from past years too! My tree is full of Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments from here at the Ornament Factory! Do you have a favorite character, sport, movie, or animal? You can search for those and many others!

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