Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at The Ornament Factory! Below we have included some more our the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that can be for Valentine’s Day. You can check out all of the other Hallmark Ornaments for 2018 and years past at http://www.hallmarkornaments.com .

Sweets for the Sweet….

Minnie Mouse is holding a heart shaped box of chocolates that someone special got for her. My guess is Mickey Mouse. It has a pink bow on it just like Minnie’s pink bow.


Sweet and Sassy Sisters….

Valentine’s Day is not just about loving you significant other. You can also show love to other people. Are you close to your sister? This would make a wonderful gift or something special to add to you holiday decorations.



A Couple of Cupcakes….

Two cupcakes are always sweeter than one! Celebrate your sugar-filled love with an ornament crafted after a couple of totally tasty holiday-themed cupcakes. On the cupcake ornament it says, Luv Ya Sweetie. 


What are you doing to celebrate the day? All of the elves are having a party to celebrate. I am making a yummy treats for everyone. Some of the elves were saying that they were making hand made Valentine’s for all of the other elves. That is so thoughtful! We hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day and remember to tell people close to you that you love them.


Elliot the Head Elf

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