The Beauty of Birds…..

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The elves and I had a great weekend and enjoyed a lot of yummy food! We were able to get some more decorating done too. Jack the elf has been busy with the outside lights. Elves, Brandon, Big Daniel, and Aiden have been hard at work doing some of the inside decorating getting the big tree up and lights on it. It takes some time but it looks amazing when they are done. Ben and Nathan have been busy shopping. This time of year is always magical!

I have always enjoyed looking outside and seeing the different birds. The more colorful the better. Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments has a special collection of just birds called Beauty of Birds. This series celebrates many different types of birds for the holidays.

The Start of Beauty of Birds….

The Beauty of Birds series started in 2005 with the Northern Cardinal, Beauty of Birds #1. The stunning Cardinal would look beautiful on any tree!



As the Years Went on….

The 2015 Western Tanager, Beauty of Birds #11 is another beautiful bird in the series. Looking spectacular with his red and gold plumes, the Western Tanager is the 11th in the Beauty of Birds series. Add him to your collection and you can almost hear him singing in the pinewood tree.


Cedar Waxwing, Beauty of Birds #9 was introduced in 2013. Love the beauty of backyard birds? This year’s addition to the Beauty of Birds series features an artistically crafted cedar waxwing. He’s proudly perched on a twig of mistletoe, which just might become this berry eater’s next meal.


The last of the series I would like to share is Pine Grosbeak. This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament joined the series in 2016 and is 12th in the series. Holding a twig a berries to share this beauty has vibrant colors to make it stand out.


You could make an entire tree out of this Hallmark Keepsake series. If you have a bird lover in your family or friends these would make a great Christmas gift. I have seen some people that have smaller trees decorated with some of the Beauty of Birds Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments too.

Back to work I go! Lots to do here at The Ornaments Factory! I am looking forward to later when I can go home and get some more decorating done. I have some great ideas for more lights. You can never have enough Christmas lights.

Little Daniel the Elf

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