Another busy weekend….

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was relaxing yet fun. Time sure does fly on the weekends. There is always so much to do. Even with the daylight savings time giving us an extra hour I did not get everything done that I needed to.

Take Down Halloween…

Since Halloween is over, it was time to take down all of the Halloween decorations inside and outside. Taking down my Halloween tree takes some time because I like to put all of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments back in their original packaging and boxes. It just helps to keep them in great condition. We took down the lights outside too. This part did not take as long as Christmas lights but still took sometime. To reuse some of our Halloween decorations we took the stickers we used to decorate some pumpkins off of them and now have the pumpkins out on the front porch for Thanksgiving decorations.

To put up the Christmas decorations or not, that is the question….

It is always the big debate this time of year, when do you put out your Christmas decorations. Me personally, I say the day after Halloween is a good time. I just love Christmas decorations. Not everyone in my home feels that way though. We usually try to come up with a compromise.

Other fun things from the weekend….

We had a great opportunity to go to a concert this weekend. Let me tell you it was amazing! A true musician and talented singer. It was three hours of amazing music! We also got some cleaning and organizing that needed done done. I still have some laundry to get done but I can do that when I get home from working at the Ornament Factory today.

Better get back to work packing orders so they can get shipped out to all of you! Have a great rest of your Monday!

Jackson the Elf

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